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News from our website may include new products coming out each year, or we may feature events, people, and even pets for special interest.
  • New Products for 2017

    New products for 2017 have started to come in and we would like to introduce some of the most exciting items so far. The glass stand up plaques come in 3 sizes and have a clear sturdy base that is hardly visible. They are economically priced, so will be a great selection for a tight budget. The arch acrylic velvet awards come in 2 sizes and a choice of a vivid red or blue. And last but not least, we have the horizon glass awards in the same sizes, but different shapes. They also are priced very economically for the quality and size of the awards. New items will be featured at the beginning of each category, so they will be easy to find. More new items are on the way and we will feature them soon.

  • New Year Greetings


  • Bronze Sculptures by Barry Stein

    We feature many bronze sculptures on our website by artist Barry Stein. His very popular frog figurines are great gifts for the holiday season or excellent additions to your collection. The frogs are presented in many vibrant colors, from small to large and add an interesting conversation piece to any décor.

    You may want one of his larger sculptures for a center piece in your home, office, or hotel lobby. Barry Stein has magnificent eagles, horses, wild life and even human figures for that purpose. The larger pieces are special order and may take two weeks or more to get. So now is the time to plan ahead and order your very special bronze sculpture by Barry Stein.

    Most of the smaller bronze sculptures and figurines will ship in 3 to 4 days. Figurines in our Ship Today category will go out within 24 hours after placing your order.

    Artist Barry Stein is shown with his eagle sculpture “Evening Catch”. Remember to order any large sculpture by December 1st if you want it for the holiday season. Check our website under Bronze Figurines.

  • Remember Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is a time to remember all of our loved ones who are gone.

  • Pinwheel Garden

    This week we hosted a Pinwheel Garden, after Sami from Head Start asked if we would be willing to have 100 pinwheels in front of our store. The pinwheels represent a campaign against child abuse with a slogan: “Protecting Children is Everyone's Business. Get Involved!” The local Head Start of Lane County works to ensure that the youngest children have a solid start in life free from abuse.


  • Brass Trio CD

    Lillia would like you to buy the CD that her uncle is on - the V3nto Brass Trio has their new CD for sale and she would like you to buy one. They are only $10. See them in our Sports section under Music, Drama, & Art.


  • Neon Neck Ribbons

    Introducing our new neon neck ribbons. All of the medals on our website now include them as a choice of neck ribbon color. All medals now have about 40 neck ribbon color choices. Check our Sport Trophies section. 
  • Brass Trio CD by V3NTO

    We are happy to introduce a CD with music from the brass trio V3NTO. The CD features works by Anthony Plog, Astor Piazzolla, Ennio Morricone, and more.

    The CD by the Brass Trio V3NTO has a mission of bringing brass trio music to life through the performance of both old and new works. The musicians include Jessica Jensen on trumpet, Anna Jacobson on horn, and Skyler Johnson on bass trombone. They are all experienced and talented performers. You can learn more about them on their website

    I have their CD in my car and when I drive around I have it playing. Their music grows on me. I think each time I listen to the pieces I hear something new and different and I enjoy it very much. So, for all of you music lovers out there, especially those interested in brass trios, order your V3NTO Brass Trio CD today.

    And if you are wondering why an award shop features a music CD, there are 2 main reasons. I love this kind of music, I love to attend symphony performances, and I particularly enjoy listening to low brass. That ties in with my second reason – Skyler is my son.



  • Basketball Specials

    Check out these basketball specials for February. Any of these 3 trophies are $3.95 for 10 or more. The Basketball Trophy with Star Trim has a trellis of stars supporting the basketball. The Flame Basketball Trophies have a colored basketball in a flame riser that is dotted with stars. The Swinging Basketball Trophies have a hooded top from which the ball is suspended. The ball swings back and forth below the big star in the middle. You will have a choice of a black or white base for these 3 styles. Three lines of free engraving is included. Order soon while supply lasts.



  • Crystal Cup Awards

    The crystal cup awards make excellent end of year awards for sales or other top achievement within your company. They have beautiful gold accents and come in 2 sizes.crystal_cup_awards_1


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