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We specialize in corporate awards and sports trophies

  • New Year Greetings


  • Engraved Plates for the Holidays

    We have many options when it comes to engraved plates for the holidays or end of year company events. We have plates in many sizes and color choices, and they come with peel and stick tape, or holes to attach with screws. We often ship them out the same day you order, or the next day. Browse our engraved plates and choose just the right ones for that extra personal touch.

  • Beautiful Bronze Sculptures

    We are featuring one of the beautiful bronze sculptures created by Artist Barry Stein. Barry has many fabulous bronze creations including bronze frogs, African animals, eagles, horses and many more.These creations make stunning additions to an office, lobby or home decor. The Red Tailed Hawk featured here is among my favorites. Consider buying one for your business, organization or home. We have many more of his sculptures and figurines on our website. Please check them out. Free shipping on the Special Order items.


  • Remember our Veterans

    Friday November 11th is Veterans Day and there are many parades and memorial services to honor them. We would like to remind everyone to pause a moment and honor those who have family members, friends or neighbors that have served our country. If you need an award, we have a Leader Heroes
    section on our website.


  • Carved Star Acrylic Awards

    We have just added 2 new acrylic star awards that are very eye catching. They come in 2 sizes and 3 accent color choices. We have 6 and 7 inch sizes with accent colors in blue, gold, and silver. The color radiates from the base throughout the piece. They adhere to black acrylic bases. Choose these sparkling acrylic awards for your next recognition event.


  • Bronze Sculptures by Barry Stein

    We feature many bronze sculptures on our website by artist Barry Stein. His very popular frog figurines are great gifts for the holiday season or excellent additions to your collection. The frogs are presented in many vibrant colors, from small to large and add an interesting conversation piece to any décor.

    You may want one of his larger sculptures for a center piece in your home, office, or hotel lobby. Barry Stein has magnificent eagles, horses, wild life and even human figures for that purpose. The larger pieces are special order and may take two weeks or more to get. So now is the time to plan ahead and order your very special bronze sculpture by Barry Stein.

    Most of the smaller bronze sculptures and figurines will ship in 3 to 4 days. Figurines in our Ship Today category will go out within 24 hours after placing your order.

    Artist Barry Stein is shown with his eagle sculpture “Evening Catch”. Remember to order any large sculpture by December 1st if you want it for the holiday season. Check our website under Bronze Figurines.

  • Name Plates 2x8

    We sell many name badges and name plates this time of year. Choose from several sizes and numerous colors.


  • Stand up Trophy Plaque

    Introducing our newest tournament trophy, this stand up plaque is almost a foot high. It has a black marble finish and comes with either gold plates with black letters or silver plates with black letters. Also we have added a choice of 14 sport theme inserts, or you have the option to add your own logo. This makes for a very versatile award for many occasions. See this one and many others under our Team Awards category - Plaques, Trophies


  • Cross Country Medals

    We have a variety of cross country medals for the season. Check the Track, Cross Country section on our website and choose the medals that you like for your next event or for end of season awards. The Cross Country Insert Medals can be customized with your event name and year. All medals include your choice of next ribbon color with over 40 to choose from, including the 4 new neon colors.


  • Fantasy Football Trophies

    We have recently created a Fantasy Football Category under the main Football heading. We have also added a number of new trophies and perpetual trophies, as well as an award belt to that category. Note the large tiered perpetual trophy with the armchair quarterback on top. This will be a sensational addition to you Fantasy Football competition. We also have added smaller versions of the armchair quarterback perpetual that are economically priced. You may want to choose the Monster Football figure for an award. It comes either as an individual award or on a block base as a traveling trophy. Enjoy the season!
    Fantasy Football

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