Baseball & Softball

Baseball & Softball

Get ready for the end of the season and award your team for a great season. We have a great selection of trophies, medals, and plaques.

We have a great selection of resin trophies. These trophies are made from resin and feature great color and texture. A great choice is the Xploding Baseball Trophy and the Xploding Softball Trophy which features a batter exploding out of a ball. Another great resin trophy option is the Hefty Baseball Trophy. This trophy is very eye catching and weighs over a pound.

In addition to our resin trophies, we also have the traditional trophies assembled with bases, columns, lids, and figures. Some of our more popular selections include the Flame Baseball Trophies and the Flame Baseball Trophies with Tower. These trophies are highlighted by great color and are dotted with stars. Another great choice is the 3-Star Baseball Trophy or the 3-Star Baseball Trophy with Column. These trophies have a great star feature and even include a spinning baseball. If you are looking for an option that is a little more fun, check out the Baseball Trophy Dude and the Baseball Trophy Dude with Column. Celebrate your winning season with the Baseball Star Trellis Trophy and the Baseball Star Tower Trophy. These trophies are decorated with a lot of stars and are perfect for a winning season. We also have the Baseball Holder Trophy and the Softball Holder Trophy. Add your own special baseball or softball to make this trophy complete. We also have a T-Ball trophy which comes with your choice of column and base.

We have a great selection of medals, plaques, and even dog tags.
The Little League Baseball Medals come in gold and are perfect to award to any young team. The Ten Star Baseball Medal is our newest addition to our collection and has a very eye catching look. The Galaxy Baseball Medal is another great choice. It has a very striking (no pun intended) look with a star and wreath border.

Along with our medals, we also have dog tags. The Baseball Dog Tag and Softball Dog Tag are engravable and have a ball highlighted by a silver star and a black border. Our most popular plaque is the Ribbon Baseball Plaque and is perfect for awarding your MVP, coach, or the whole team.

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