Arts & Academic Awards

Arts & Academic Awards

We have new awards for the Arts & Academics which include drama, music, and academics. You can award your students with a great trophy for getting a great score on the SAT or ACT. How about a great 1st place medal for winning the State Solo and Ensemble competition. How about a great plaque for the outstanding leading role in your drama production. Check out the selections below and as well as the other selections throughout our website.

We have a great selection of academic awards that are perfect to award your student for any achievement. Award them for passing an exam, good grades, or graduating. We have a great set of medals and trophies that are perfect for awarding your student for their achievements in a specific subject or being a great student. We have subject medals for Math, Reading, Science, Academic Excellence, Honor Roll, Lamp of Knowledge, and Perfect Attendance. We also have a great set of trophies with a choice of inserts to make your award more specific. These trophies include the Star Riser Academic Trophy with Column and the Star Riser Academic Trophies. Along with our insert medals, we also have a great selection of traditional lamp of knowledge medals including the Galaxy Academic Medal and the Wreath Achievement Medal. We also have a great selection of plaques to award for any academic achievement. Some of the plaques in our inventory is the Academic Activity Plaque and the Scholastic Ribbon Plaque. We also have a great selection of awards made from resin. These colorful awards are very eye catching and all present the lamp of knowledge in their design. Choose from our new 4″x6″ Academic Trophy Plaque and our 6″x8″ Academic Trophy Plaque. Our resin trophy selection includes the 4″ All Star Scholastic Trophy and the 6″ All Star Scholastic Trophy. These two trophies feature gold stars accenting the Lamp of Knowledge.

Our Drama & Music awards include: Male Achievement Trophy 7″, Drama Mask Trophy, Drama Mask Trophy w/column, Star Performer Award, & Music Medal Stars & Stripes.

We also have new generic 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals for any arts & academic need. Shiny 1st Place Medals, Shiny 2nd Place Medals, & Shiny 3rd Place Medals.

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