New Football Awards

New Football Awards

Football season is here so get ready to award your team with some of our new football awards. These awards are perfect for any team or age group. We have awards perfect for the little ones, the high school team, or even the fantasy football league winner.


The Victory Football Trophy has a large “V” for victory in the background, with the football player running toward the goal line with the football firmly in hand. The gold accents enhance the trophy, as does the full color football.

 The Gold Star Resin Football Trophy with its’ distinct black markings arches back and displays the brown and white football prominently on one side. 


 The DuraResin Football Trophy features a football with a gold and black band sitting atop a victory wreath. The football award is made of a durable resin that resists breaking.


 The Football Sport Star Trophies & Football Sport Star Trophies with Column feature the football player surrounded by a star & is just right for your “star” football players. Includes choice of base color.


 The “Ignite” Football Trophies are silver resin with flaming gold accents. The football player clutching the ball is outlined by flames suggesting intensity and speed.

 The LittlePals Football Trophy is a playful and fun award. The colorful resin football trophy has a smiling “LittlePal” poised in front of a big star trimmed in gold with the football tucked under his arm. This award is perfect for the young team.

The Midnite Star Football Series features bright gold coloring with black accents. The football theme is repeated on the back side without the black accents. These trophies are available as a figure on a base or a trophy with column

 These Ten Star Football Medals feature a football and helmet in the center, enhanced by a border of stars that almost seem to rotate. Medals are 2 1/4” and include a neck ribbon and 3 lines of free engraving on the back.

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