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New Ten Star Arts & Academic Medals

The Ten Star Arts & Academics Medal Series features your choice of academics, fine arts, or school subject theme in the centand and is enhanced by a border of stars outlining the theme. These medals are 2 1/4” and include a neck ribbon plus 3 lines of free engraving on the back. These medals are also part of the Awards for Kids series and make a perfect award for any academic team or individual. 

 The Ten Star Academic Medals feature a lamp and book making a perfect representation of knowledge.

 The Ten Star Honor Roll Medals feature a banner that reads "Honor Roll" in the middle of the medal.


 The Ten Star Math Medals feature a calculator with mathematic symbols in the center of the medal.

 The Ten Star Spelling Bee Medals feature a banner that reads "spelling" with a bee in the middle surrounded by letters of the alphabet.


 The Ten Star Band Medals feature a bass drum, saxophone, and trumpet in the foreground and a music staff with notes in the background.


 The Ten Star Art Medals feature an art palette with paint brushes in the middle.

 The Ten Star Drama Medals feature the iconic comedy and tragedy masks.


 The Ten Star Music Medals feature a music staff with notes.

 The Ten Star Orchestra Medals feature a music staff with notes and string instruments.


 The Ten Star Reading Medals feature a pile of books in the center.


 The Ten Star Science Medals feature a space shuttle, microscope, atom, and radar in the center.


The Ten Star 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place medals are perfect for any event. 


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