New Sports Awards

New Sports Awards

We have many new additional awards including car, cheer, golf, volleyball, and wrestling. In addition to our sports awards, we also have new lamp awards that are perfect for many different occasions. All these awards are great for all ages including a young team, intramural, or leagues.

 These colorful plaques come in 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 and are sublimated with a design for your special event. The full color plates are mounted on cherry finish plaques and include the category name. This style of plaque can also be used for many other types of events where a full color plate is desired.

The “Ignite” Male and Female golf trophies are silver resin with flaming gold accents. The golfer swinging the club is outlined by flames.

The LittlePals Golf Trophy is a playful and fun award. The colorful resin golf trophy has a smiling “LittlePal” swinging away in front of a big star trimmed in gold.


This Banner Volleyball Trophy is strikingly different with the star studded silver banner, featuring a volleyball near the top. The resin volleyball trophy has a black base for 3 lines of free engraving.

 The DuraResin Volleyball Trophy makes the ball a focal point by featuring it with a gold and black band sitting atop a victory wreath. The volleyball award is made of a durable resin that resists breaking.

The “Ignite” Wrestling Trophies are silver resin with flaming gold accents. The wrestler is poised and ready for the match, and outlined by flames, suggesting intensity and speed.

 The “Ignite” Lamp of Knowledge Trophies are silver resin with flaming gold accents. The lamp sits atop a pile of books, indicating that books and reading are a key to knowledge and learning. The lamp and books are outlined by flames,

This Midnite Star Academic Lamp Trophy and the Midnite Star Academic Lamp Trophy with Column features the academic theme in bright gold with black accents. The academic theme is repeated on the back side without the black accents. Includes a choice of base color.

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