Art Glass Awards

Art Glass Awards

We have a very beautiful selection of glass awards that are pieces of art. You will not only honor someone for their service, you will also be giving them a work of art. These awards come in a variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes. We have a great selection that is perfect for any corporate award.

We have the very stunning 12″ Crystal Flame Gift Award. This substantial looking award has ample room for an engraved message on the base and has a very beautiful shape. The next award is the 12″ Crystal Wave Gift Award. This award has a very sharp look to it and is perfect to honor your employee’s service.

Our next set of glass awards are the two Salute Awards. This gift is a very artful and colorful way to award your employee or honor a family member. This set includes the 7 3/4″ Art Glass Salute Trophy and the 9″ Art Glass Salute Award.

The next set is sure to catch your eye. These awards have great shapes and colors to their design. These are not only great to award your employee, they will also add a lot of color to your home or office décor. The first of the two is the 15 1/2″ Corporate Retirement Gift Award. This award’s design is called “Color Swoop” and is perfect for retirement of honoring an achievement. The second of the two is the Corporate Glass Gift Award. Add interest to your corporate awards ceremony with this art glass piece entitled “Color Twist”. This bright and colorful award is sure to stun the recipient as well as add a lot to the office.

Our Peaked Art Glass selection captures the imagination and is perfect for any award. These selections are perfect for any recognition and make a great conversation piece. The sizes include the 8 1/2″ Peaked Art Glass Trophy and the 10 1/4″ Peaked Art Glass Award.

We also have a great selection of twisting blue glass awards. These come in three different shapes and are guaranteed to catch the eye. The first award in this group is the Tear Drop Art Glass Award. This award features a nice blue tear drop on a black base. You could also go with the beautiful Oval Swirl Glass Award. This award features a very nice blue swirl enclosed in the oval. The Diamond Twist Glass Award may suit your needs if you are looking for a little more exotic award. This award is very unique and will be much appreciated by its recipient.

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