Plaque Awards

Plaque Awards

We have many plaque awards in various styles and colors such as:  High Gloss Walnut, Regular Walnut, Rosewood and Black Piano Finish Plaques, Economy Plaques for the budget minded, Acrylic Plaques, Specialty Plaques for firemen, with gavels, and Oregon shaped. We also have clock plaques and perpetuals. Following is a listing of the various groups for your convenience.

Walnut plaques include: Corporate Award Plaques, Corporate Award Plaque, Marble Mist Award Plaque, Engraved Plaque Marble Mist Plate, Engraved Walnut Plaque, Victory Star Plaque Award, Plaque Award with Star Theme, Star Plaque Award, Arched Plaque Award, Rounded Plaque Award, Engraved Shield Plaque, Corporate Awards Plaque, Recognition Plaques, Corporate Golf Plaques, Rising Star Achievement Plaques, Star Achievement Plaque,Top Sales Award Plaques, Corporate Wall Plaques, Volunteer Appreciation Award Plaque, Volunteer Appreciation Award Plaques, Star Performer Plaque Award, Starburst Executive Plaque Awards, Star Performer Plaques, Shield Plaque Award, Recognition Award Plaques, Recognition Award Plaques, Recognition Award Plaque, Perfect Attendance Plaque, Corporate Service Award Plaque, Corporate Scroll Plaques, Corporate Award Scroll Plaques, Corporate Scroll Award Plaques, Executive Plaque Award, Elegant Plaque Award, Column Plaque Award, Engraved Award Plaque, Engraved Award Plaques, and Sales Plaque Award.
Walnut plaques with a high gloss shiny finish include: High Gloss Plaque Award, High Quality Engraved Plaques, Service Award Plaques, Retirement Appreciation Plaques, High Gloss Plaque Award, Gloss Walnut Plaque Award, and Plaque Award High Gloss.

Rosewood and black piano finish plaques include: Corporate Rosewood Scroll Plaques, Recognition Plaques Rosewood (7”x9”), Recognition Plaques Rosewood (8”x10”), Recognition Plaques Rosewood (9”x12”), Service Award Plaque, Service Recognition Award Plaques, Personalized Recognition Plaque, Corporate Award Rosewood Scroll Plaques, and Rosewood Scroll Plaque Awards.

Economy plaques include: Economy Series Plaques, Economy Plaques, Engraved Economy Plaques, Plaques with Free Engraving, Economy Plaque Awards, Economy Corporate Plaques, Economy Recognition Plaques, Economy Perfect Attendance Plaque, and Economy Years of Service Plaque.

Acrylic plaques include: Patriotic Acrylic Plaque (9″x11″), Patriotic Acrylic Plaque (7”x9”), President’s Acrylic Award Plaque, Acrylic Plaque Awards, President’s Acrylic Plaque Award, Acrylic Business Award Plaque, Acrylic President’s Plaque, Acrylic Insert Plaques, and Acrylic Plaques Insert Award.

We have specialty plaques that are unique in shape, style, or type. They include: Eco-Friendly Bamboo Plaques, Plaque Wedge Award, Gavel Plaque, President’s Gavel Plaque Award, Hero Plaque Award (8”x10”), Hero Plaque Award (9”x12”), President’s Rosewood Gavel Plaque Award, Eco-Friendly Business Plaques, Corporate Award “Green” Plaques, Maltese Cross Fireman’s Award, Oregon Shaped Plaque, Oregon Shaped Plaques, and Oregon State Shaped Plaque.

Clock plaques include: Engraved Book Clocks, Traditional Clock Plaque Award, Clock Wedge Award, Executive Clock Plaque, and Standing Clock Plaque.

Perpetual plaques with lots of small plates include: Perpetual Plaque Award, Perpetual Plaque Sports Award, Perpetual Plaque, Rosewood Perpetual Plaque-12 plate, Rosewood Perpetual Plaque-18 plate, Rosewood Perpetual Plaque-24 plate, Cheap Perpetual Plaques 12 plate, Cheap Perpetual Plaques 18 plate, and Cheap Perpetual Plaques 24 plate.

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