Barry Stein Bronze Frogs

Barry Stein Bronze Frogs

We are pleased to introduce a new product into the Willamette Valley Awards website. Artist Barry Stein of Environmental Creations has allowed us to offer our customers a series of  Bronze Frogs.  These range from different colors, sizes, actions, and backgrounds. These frogs are great for gifts, the office, a centerpiece, or any collection. Oregon artist Barry Stein  spends hours in the wild researching the wildlife and their surroundings  that come to life in his world-renown bronze sculptures.  Barry’s work can currently be found in prestigious collections  throughout the world, and are presently on display in The Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York City,  The New York Hilton Hotel, New York Essex House, Hyatt Regency, The  Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, the Hilton Hotel in Honolulu, and galleries in many states throughout the  U.S. as well as galleries in England, France, and Germany.   Barry’s wildlife sculptures have been presented as gifts by our  government’s executive branch to foreign heads of state.

Barry Stein’s bronze sculptures are created using the lost wax casting method.  Unlike most bronze sculptors, Barry begins by carving his figures in wood rather than wax or clay, because wood yields finer detail.  The detail and color of Barry Stein’s frogs are in 99% of cases the actual colors of real frogs.  He says:
“Frogs are a colorful bunch!  As in the rest of nature, often the poison species have the most dramatic coloration.  So yes, in 99% of cases, the colors of the bronze frogs are those of real frogs. ”

We are currently offering these frogs: Just Frogs, Action Frogs,  Lillies, & Branches, Funny Frogs, and Large Frogs.

The Just Frogs category includes: Alysa, Angelina, Boobala, Bugsy, Bumpy, Chica, Crawler, Dezerae Small, Dezerae Large , Don’t Bug Me!, Elexess, Footloose, Horned Toad, Hot Rod, Jason, Jocelinda, Kiss Me, I’m a Prince!, Kookala, Lola, Mikey, Oren, Precious Frog, Rebecca, Sammy, Slider, Tootsie, Vivacious, Wally.

Action Frogs include: Gotcha!, Hang Over, Hitchhiker Frog, Living on the Edge, and Peek a Boo.

The Lillies & Branches category includes: Ambush, Anticipation, Bigfoot, Bon Appetit, Bosom Buddies, Cupid, Got Bugs?, Hang in There!, I’m on it!, Lazy, Lola’s Pad Large, Lola’s Pad, Ribbit, Sitting Pretty, Stepping Out, and Stumper.

The Funny Frogs category includes: Thumbs up, All Stacked Up, Card Holder, Golfer Frog, Just Tootin’ My Horn, Martini Frog, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil.

The Large Frogs category includes: Alysa 36

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