Basketball Awards for 2013

Basketball Awards for 2013

We are in basketball season and it’s time to get ready to award your team. We have a wide variety of basketball awards including trophies with a figure on a base, basketball trophies with a riser or column, resin basketball trophies, basketball medals, basketball plaques, and team trophies.

We have a very nice selection of resin trophies that make a bold and refined statement. These trophies have a sculpted look with great color and some with a nice glossy finish. The Boys XP Basketball Trophy and the Girls XP Basketball Trophy have a very intense look simulating the player exploding out of the basketball. The Resin Basketball & Net Trophy and the Orange Resin Basketball Award provide a rustic and colorful look. Action Star Basketball Trophies have a nice look with its wooden base and banner of stars. The All Star Basketball Trophy and the Large All Star Basketball Trophy are very colorful and are a perfect way to award any young team. Check out the Motion Star Basketball Trophies which feature a holographic shooting star in motion. The Basketball Sport Trophies are sure to please with its nice detailing and star theme for your star players. Award your team with a little fun with our Basketball Bobble Head Trophies.

Along with our resin trophies we also have a large selection of assembled trophies. These trophies are put together piece by piece with varying choices of base, figure, columns, risers, and lids. These trophies are customizable to get the best look for your team. A nice trophy for a young team is the Basketball Trophy Loops Trophy. Another great classic look is the Basketball Star Trellis Trophy and the Basketball Star Tower Trophy. More on the fun side, we have the Basketball Dudes Trophies and the Basketball Dude on Column Trophy. These trophies have bendable arms and legs to put in any stance to make these trophies even more fun. Another great set of trophies are the 3 Star Basketball Trophy and the 3 Star Basketball Trophy with Column. These trophies feature a spinning basketball which also make the trophy fun. The Flame Basketball Trophies and the Flame Basketball Trophies on Tower are great for any team and feature a splash of color on a gold riser with stars. We also have set of NEW trophies and they are the Basketball Diamond Award and the Basketball Diamond Trophy. These trophies have a great look and are very budget friendly.

In addition to our great trophy selection we also have some medals and a great plaque. Some of the medals in our inventory includes the budget friendly Galaxy Basketball Medals. This medal has a very striking look with a wreath border. Another budget friendly medal is the Economy Basketball Medal. This medal has a very classic look and is great for any team! The Shooting Star Basketball Medal has a bold and classic look and would thrill any team. A great and sleek choice is the Basketball Dog Tag . These feature a basketball framed by a stylized silver star on a black background. If you aren’t looking for a medal, the Ribbon Basketball Plaque is a great choice. This plaque is easily customizable for your team, a MVP, or even the Coach.

Check out these selections as well as the rest of our basketball inventory.

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