Engraved Award Clocks

Engraved Award Clocks

Clocks are versatile awards for almost any occasion. They can be a gift for retirement, or in appreciation of service. Clocks are functional awards presented for many different events, such as years of service, or volunteer of the year. Many of our clocks are rosewood piano finish, but we also have red alder, glass, acrylic, and mahogany.

Let us look at the rosewood piano finish clocks. Engraved gift clocks are very popular. The arched clock has a black brass plate for a simple 3 line message. The Personalized Desk Clocks are practical awards for anyone’s desk with its’ low profile. The Engraved Desk Clock with it’s rectangular shape is also a good choice. The Customized Desk Clock makes a nice award. The Rosewood Desk Clock with Columns is an elegant rosewood piano finish desk clock comes with silver columns that enhance the message on the engraved plate. This clock is also available in White & Black. Including a message of appreciation or recognition is a constant reminder of their accomplishment and therefore a good morale booster.

If you prefer something other than rosewood, we have several desk clocks in a white or a black finish. Our White Desk Clock & a Black Desk Clock with Columns are elegant desk clocks with silver columns enhance any message on the engraved plate. Our White Desk Clock & a Black Arched Desk Clock is a perfect retirement gift or service award. We also have a White Horizontal Desk Clock & a Black Horizontal Desk Clock which has plenty of room to display any logo or message.

The Mantel Desk Clock award will honor your recipient with its special message displayed on a mantel or shelf for all to see. Or, consider the Arched Desk Clock with free engraving. Whichever one you choose it will help accomplish your goal of honoring each recipient and making them feel special.

Perhaps you would like to choose an award clock that includes glass with rosewood. The Appreciation Award Clock make an eye-catching gift or award. The main body of the clock is rosewood with both clear and smoked glass that accents the sides. Another choice is the Engraved Quartz Clock that features the clock encased in glass with beveled rosewood columns. Or choose the Glass Appreciation Clock Award which is mostly glass with a rosewood piano finish base. This one is always popular.

If your words of honor and appreciation cannot be said in 3 lines, the larger Acrylic Clock Awards will give you much more room to express your message. Also, this clock award has coordinate Acrylic Awards to honor other recipients. The Matching Acrylic Awards make an impressive group at your awards ceremony.

Consider the rich look of mahogany for your next award ceremony. Each clock style is accented with smoked glass, and gold and silver clock faces. They are also individually boxed with batteries included. Check out the Arched Corporate Clock, the Engraved Retirement Clock, the Executive Gift Clock or the one I like to call the House Clock. Because of its shape, it would make a great realtor of the year award or house warming gift.

Perhaps you would like a clock that is very sturdy looking. The engraved grand piano clocks might be just the right choice. The unique clock faces are set in rosewood piano finished bases that are hefty with the Personalized Mantel Clock weighting the most at 3 ½ lbs! We also have a White Mantle Clock and a Black Mantle Clock. Awarding one of these mantle clocks is a perfect way to show recognition for achievement.The Corporate Recognition Clock is a step arch clock, and the Award Clocks with free engraving is the smallest of the group, but still very substantial looking.

For a totally different look, check out the Recognition Clock Award. The pale red alder is a nice alternative for those who prefer lighter woods.

Functional clock awards are enhanced even more when pens are included. These make practical awards for anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk. The Award Clock with Pen, includes a plate for a brief message. The Personalized Desk Clocks with Pens is a beautiful desk item, very practical and with a plate for the important message of honor and appreciation.

Do you need a Promotional Clock for your clients to let them know you appreciate their business? The small silver promotional clock can include your logo and a brief thank you message.

We hope you will find award clocks and gift clocks that fit all of your needs. Browse through our selection and choose the ones that fit you needs the best. Most of the clocks are individually boxed and include batteries.

If you have any questions, please contact us at wvawards.com.

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