A Continuous Change

A Continuous Change

Corporate Engraving and Awards

Engraving and corporate awards have changed considerably since 1992, when we first got into the awards industry. The use of the laser engraver has made production faster and given engravers the ability to do more detailed graphics and logos. In earlier times plain gold brass was used, then came black brass, and now we see many colors and marbled colors on plates. Many have their own graphic designs silk-screened into them. Plaques themselves have taken on a greater variety as noted by rosewood and black piano finish, and high gloss walnut.

Acrylic awards have become increasingly popular and have also gone from clear and jade to full color with green, blue, and red marbled backgrounds, or colored accents radiating from the bases.  There are more acrylic pieces that are free standing, or have posts or frames into which they fit. Some have insets in the base for easier attachment.

Glass pieces are also popular, but this is one product that the laser has yet to conquer. Most glass pieces need to be engraved by other methods in order to achieve a high quality.

An item that has not changed much is the perpetual – the large plaque with many small plates attached to it – except that the plates are black brass instead of gold brass. It is a wonderful idea to have a permanent record of accomplishments displayed on the office wall to honor those who have achieved a major goal.

As time goes on and the industry grows, it will be interesting to watch corporate awards and gifts continue to change with new technology and customer preferences.

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