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Engraved Plate Goes to Germany

    Meet Ed Kemp. He is standing in the doorway of his “Hobbit Haus” in Germany. Ed is 6' 2” and, as you can see, his head almost brushes the entryway. Mr. Kemp says the ceilings inside are almost 7' tall, so he has a little more head room inside. Ed tell us that most of the house was built in the 1800s and the rest in the 1900s.

When he and his wife Lilli first looked at the house, or rather haus, the real estate agent told them that a couple who had looked at it previously did not like the low ceilings and called it a “hobbit house”. However, the Kemps had a different opinion. They thought this cozy little house was perfect for them, and they also thought the name was perfect. In fact, they wanted a sign by the door that would say just that. So, Ed came to us at Willamette Valley Awards and ordered the sign. It is anodized aluminum, rated for outdoor use, and it will hold up well in the outdoors.

We wish Ed and Lilli many happy days in the Hobbit Haus! I'm sure their next trip is already planned.

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