Engraved Plates

Engraved Plates

Engraved Plates for Awards and Gifts

www.wvawards.com is introducing a line of engraved plates in various sizes and styles that can be used on gift awards, art objects, picture frames and other applications. Most of the plates are black brass, which has become the most popular choice for engraved plates.

Choose an engraved plate from the very popular Florentine style. These black custom engraved plates have a beautiful gold border that accents the engraving. These plates come in several sizes to fit your needs: Engraved Black Brass Plate is 2” x 3 ½”, Engraved Metal Plates is 2 ½” x 4 ¼”, Engraved Recognition Plate is 3” x 5”, and Engraved Award Plate is 4″ x 6″. The plates all have tape on the back for an easy “peel and stick” attachment.

Other personalized plates include the Custom Engraved Plates and the Brass Plates with Engraving. They are black with a plain gold border in sizes 2 ¼” x 3 ¼” and 7/8” x 2 ¾”. The smaller plate also has the option of adhesive or a hole each end for screw attachment.

Other engraved plates that we offer include plastic plates that look just like brushed brass and aluminum. These plates have become very popular because they have the look of metal, but with more vivid lettering. Another reason for their popularity is that the plates are thin and flexible, so that if the surface they are attached to is slightly uneven, they will not pop off like metal plates do. We offer these plates in 2 3/8” x 3 ¼” Engraved Flexi Plate, and 1 ½” x 3” Engraved Flexi Plates. These two feature notched corners and a line border that is very attractive. The other style of flexible plate is the Metal Look Engraved Plates. It is ¾” x 3” for 1 or 2 lines of engraving. This small plates work well for clocks, photo frames, or other awards and gifts that have limited space for engraving.

We also included Engraved Plates with Options. There are 3 choices for height, and width of plate, square or notched corners, tape or holes each end with screws, as well as choice of font. These options allow you to build your own plates as you want them.

We hope you will find a plate style and size that will fit your needs. All plates include a choice of font style and most have additional options for you to choose from.

If you have any questions, please contact us at wvawards.com.

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