Corporate Award Plaques

Corporate Award Plaques

We have a great inventory of corporate plaques. It includes a wide variety of sizes and styles of plaques suitable for your needs. You might want to choose from the 7″x9″ Corporate Awards Plaque, the 8″x10″ Recognition Plaque, or the 9″x12″ Corporate Golf Plaque . If you are looking for a more classic look, check out our 7″x9″ Engraved Award Plaque, the 8″x10″ Engraved Award Plaques, the 9″x12″ Sales Plaque Award, and the 10.5″x13″ Executive Plaque Award.

We have two styles styles of scroll plaques. The rosewood scroll plaques come in three sizes with gold bordered black plates. They are the 7.5″x8.75″ Rosewood Scroll Plaque Awards, the 9.5″x12″ Corporate Rosewood Scroll Plaques, and the 10.5″x14″ Corporate Award Rosewood Scroll Plaques. The other scroll plaque trio are walnut with a cast metal scroll frame surrounding a black plate. They are the 8″x10″ Corporate Award Scroll Plaques, the 9″x12″ Corporate Scroll Award Plaques, and the 9″x15″ Corporate Scroll Plaques. In addition to our scroll plaques, we also have a set of column plaques. Along with the scroll plaques, these column plaques have a very elegant and stately look. We have the 11″x11″ Executive Plaque Award, the 12″x13″ Elegant Plaque Award, and the 13.5″x14″ Column Plaque Award.

We also have three different sizes of our black piano finish plaque. We have 7″x9″ Service Plaque Award, the 8″x10″ Service Recognition Award Plaques, and our 9″x12″ Personalized Recognition Plaque.

We also have a group of plaques that are eco-friendly, bamboo plaques. These plaques are “Green” items due to bamboo being a certified renewable resource. The three plaques are the 7”x9” Corporate Award “Green” Plaques, the 8”x10” Eco Friendly Business Plaques, and the 9”x12” Eco-Friendly Bamboo Plaques.

With variety in mind, has added acrylic plaques in three different colors & sizes. The plaques have a carved star pattern that make them stand out. The choices are the 7″x9″ President’s Acrylic Plaque Award, the 8″x10″ Acrylic Business Award Plaque, and the 9″x11″ Acrylic President’s Plaque. Try one with a vivid blue or green plate, or for the more conservative, the black plate.

We have a great selection of Perpetual Plaques. These include Rosewood Perpetual Plaque-12 Plate, Rosewood Perpetual Plaque-18 Plate, and Rosewood Perpetual Plaque-24 Plate. The rich piano finish plaques have black plates with gold borders. The other series of perpetual plaques are for the budget minded: Economy Perpetual Plaques 12 plate, Economy Perpetual Plaques 18 Plates, and Economy Perpetual Plaques 24 plates, are all economically priced to help keep your budget in line. The engraving on the header plate is included in the price, and that is 4 lines and 1 logo. Contact us for additional information on engraving the small plates.

Please browse through our additional choices of Plaques which include sizes from 7”x9” to 14”x17”, styles with rosewood, walnut, cherry finish, and eco-friendly bamboo. Some other styles come with black plates, cast metal frames, or you have the option of omitting the plate. We hope these additional plaques will be your next choices in corporate award plaques.

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