Full Color Coasters

Full Color Coasters

One of our new products that we offer in our Full Color category are our full color square coasters. These coasters, along with all of our full color items, are very customizable and will help your company stand out among others. You can send us any photograph, logo, or other artwork and apply it to your liking. We also have our very own art database to help you get the look you have been wanting.

These colorful and practical items will promote your company at your next show, conference, meeting or can be used as gifts for clients or friends. These customizable coasters work well to promote your bar or restaurant. Put your bar or restaurant logo under each glass so that your customers won’t forget your brand. You can customize your coasters for your son or daughter’s birthday party. Have a set of these coasters for The Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, or any other holiday or event you are celebrating.

These coasters have a textured rubber backing to prevent sliding. Check our website here for our pricing.



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