Gift Awards

Gift Awards

We have an increasing number of gift awards to choose from. They can be for a variety of occasions, including some that are versatile for many occasions. The groups include gavel related items, themed awards, art glass awards, desk items, and hero recognition.

Gavel sets, plaques, and individual gavels are frequent gifts and awards for outgoing presidents and chairpersons. They include: Gavel Plaque, President’s Gavel Plaque Award, President’s Gavel Set, Director’s Gavel Set, Leadership Gavel, Leadership Gavels, Rosewood Gavel 10”, Gavel Sounding Blocks, President’s Crystal Gavel Award, and President’s Rosewood Gavel Plaque Award.

Themed award gifts include: Male Achievement Award, Appreciation Award Star, Crystal Wave Gift Award, Corporate Eagle Award, Crystal Flame Gift Award, Goodwill Key Chain, Shining Star Corporate Gift Award, Rising Star Gift Award, Apple Appreciation Gift Award, and Apple for the Teacher Gift Award.

Gift awards in art glass include: Art Glass Salute Award, Art Glass Salute Award, Employee Recognition Gift Award, Corporate Glass Gift Award, Corporate Retirement Gift Award, To the Top Award, and To the Top Award.

Desk items as gift awards include: Appreciation Sports Mug Award, In Appreciation Gift Mug, Engraved Pen and Case, and Bamboo Coaster Corporate Gift.

Hero recognition and awards include: Firefighter Trophies, Policeman Service Awards, Policeman Trophies, Firemen Service Awards, Presentation Flag Display Case, Memorial Flag Case, and Memorial and Flag Display Case.

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