Acrylic Awards for You

Acrylic Awards for You

Acrylic Awards and Acrylic Trophies make excellent corporate awards. At we have a variety of acrylic awards that can accommodate any type of recognition you need. We have star themed acrylic awards that are always in demand. We have clear & jade acrylics, marbled, and color accented. We have corporate acrylic awards that have matched bases, black bases, colored mirrored bases, acrylics that sit in frames, and those that have no bases at all.

Browse through our selection of acrylic awards and choose the ones that are just right for your employees.
The first grouping of acrylic awards we feature is the ever popular star-themed ones. Check out the Rising Star Acrylic Award. It has a large engraving area for your message of recognition or appreciation. The clear acrylic plate stands in a rosewood piano finish holder with a cast metal star to the left. This is an award that will make your employees feel special.

A group of awards that work well for several levels of recognition is the <ahref=””>Star Column Acrylic Awards. The clear column features a gold star on top. The base is black acrylic with a gold-mirrored top that radiates color accents through the column for a classy look. The smallest Acrylic Award is a 7” single column, followed by a 9” and 11” Acrylic Service Award or Acrylic Appreciation Trophy . For the highest achievers, try the Two Star Column Acrylic Award, or the Three Star Acrylic Award.

The Luminary Star Acrylic Award is one of our favorites. The black engraving area is set off by gold or blue accents that radiate from the beveled edges of the star. The star will almost glow with color!

The Sculpted Star Acrylic Awards come in 3 sizes and 2 color accents, blue or gold. The three size variations give you the option of awarding three levels of sales achievement or number of years of service to the company.

Other Star Acrylic Awards include the single 5” star, an Acrylic Star on a Base, and an Acrylic Star Obelisk. These could be used individually or as a coordinated group to honor your employees for various levels of accomplishment.

The Frosted Impress Acrylic Trophies have a black base with blue mirror that sends blue rays to the frosted top
Free-Standing Acrylic Awards have become very popular. These come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. The Shell, Round, and Fan shapes are clear with blue or gold accents and they all come in three sizes and are versatile for any type of award your may require. Other freestanding acrylic trophies have colored engraving areas for a more vivid display of the important award message. These include the Octagon Acrylic Recognition Award that comes in blue, red, or green marble and 3 sizes.
Another group is the Rounded Top Stars and Stripes Acrylic Service Award. They feature a black engraving area trimmed with a patriotic red, white, and blue theme. This same style of award comes with marbled accents in red, blue, and green. Yet more freestanding Acrylic Achievement Awards include the Premier Group. They feature a rectangular tower with clean, simple lines, and blue accents radiating from the base. Also, check the Acrylic Award Facet Wedges that are 1 ¼” thick with a choice of gold or blue accents. They are perfectly sculpted for the display of color throughout the piece. The Marquis Diamond acrylic award is beveled, peaked, and accented with a base that includes either a red, blue, or gold splash of color. Last but not least, we have the 3D Magnetic Acrylic Award and is quite versatile with engraving. We can even insert a photo between the clear front and the black backing plate giving it the 3D special effects.

The Acrylic Awards with frames have a complete different look. The standing frames add color and texture to the acrylic inserts that hold your special engraved message. We have several styles with rosewood piano finish frames. One of these is the Prestige Acrylic Award in three sizes. The ½” thick clear acrylic insert slides into the sturdy rosewood base and is adhered to the base with double-faced tape. Another rosewood frame group has 2 styles and several sizes. Two of the pieces are Cathedral Acrylic Award (9 3/4″) and Cathedral Acrylic Award (11″) with a gold metal inlay in the frame that provides a nice accent color. These corporate acrylic awards are 9 ¾” and 11” tall and have a large engraving area for your message. The other style is rectangular with a small peak at the top of the acrylic. They sizes are Acrylic Corporate Award (8 ½”), Acrylic Corporate Award (9 ½”), and Acrylic Corporate Award (10 ½”). All of the rectangular acrylic awards have clear adhesive for easy attachment to the base. These pieces are individually boxed and free engraving is included.

A different style of framed acrylic awards is the Midnight acrylic award (6″) and the Midnight acrylic award (7″). They feature a black acrylic base with “wings” to indicate victory or achievement. The 3/8” clear acrylic slides into the holder and remains unattached.

Another style of framed holders is the Roman Column acrylic award (10 1/2″) and The Roman Column Acrylic Awards (11 1/2″). The black Roman columns are made of heavy resin for a classic look. The clear arched acrylic is ½” thick and holds the special message for your recipient. The acrylic insert adheres to the base, and the Roman Column acrylic award is individually boxed.
Our acrylics include Acrylic Clock Award. The clocks are part of the rosewood frame group and make nice coordinate awards to enhance your presentation ceremony. Each  Acrylic Clock Award is in a rosewood piano finish base with the acrylic piece permanently attached with adhesive. The clocks include a battery and each clock award is individually boxed.

The choices of Corporate Acrylic Awards are many and varied, from clear to very colorful, free standing to sturdy bases, and small to large engraving areas. Make your selection according to your particular taste and requirements for engraving space. We at hope you will enjoy browsing through the awards to find just the right ones for your top performers.
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