Wrestling Awards

Wrestling Awards

The following is a breakdown of the types of awards in the wrestling category. They include wrestling trophies with a figure on a base, wrestling trophies with a riser or column, resin wrestling trophies, wrestling medals, wrestling plaques, wrestling ribbons, and team awards.

Wrestling trophies with a figure on a base include: Figure Frame Wrestling Trophies, Economy Wrestling Trophies, and 3D Wrestling Image Trophies.

Wrestling Trophies with a figure and a column or riser, tend to be the largest trophies and include: Star Spinner Wrestling Trophy, and Wrestling Trophies with Column.

Resin Wrestling Trophies include: Wreath Wrestling Trophy

We also have wrestling medals including: Shooting Star Wrestling Medals, Shooting Star Wrestling Medal, Quality Wrestling Medal, Insert Wrestling Medal, Large Wrestling Medal, Premium Wrestling Medals, Sunray Wrestling Medals, and Galaxy Wrestling Medals.

Wrestling plaques include: Wrestling Ribbon Plaque, White Wrestling Plaque, and Wrestling Activity Plaque.

Wrestling team awards include: Wrestling Tournament Trophies, Wrestling Tournament Trophy, Wrestling Tournament Awards, Top Wrestler Trophies,

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