What’s New for Baseball/Softball

What’s New for Baseball/Softball

We have a lot of new items this season for the Little League players. They include the very popular Ten Star Baseball Medals very from the Ten Star series for spring soccer.

Our newest resin trophies include the “Ignite” Baseball Trophy, and “Ignite” Softball Trophy. They are silver with gold accents and are very striking. The LittlePals Baseball Trophy and LittlePals Softball Trophy are cute and colorful and great for the younger ones. Resin trophies that are a bit larger and break resistant include the Baseball Trophy DuraResin and Softball Trophy DuraResin.

Also new this season are the Baseball Sport Star Trophies and the Softball Sport Star Trophies, add a column and we have the Sport Star Baseball Trophies and Sport Star Softball Trophies. This foursome is very reasonably priced and eye-catching with the figure surrounded by a star. These two factors have made them very popular this season.

Two more versatile and popular new trophies are the Midnite Star Baseball Trophy w/column, and the Midnite Star Baseball Trophy. They have a black and gold figure that is very attractive. These are also a great choice for you team.

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