Sports Award Advances

Sports Award Advances

Just as corporate awards have changed with new technology, sports trophies have changed even more, and faster. The traditional trophy with a column or columns, and a sports figure have given way to resin trophies of all kinds, first gold and silver, and now in full color. The resin trophies also include holographic effects that create movement and interest. Other popular features right now are the moving and/or spinning parts. Out this spring by one supplier, are sports figures with bendable arms and legs that can be posed, so that each trophy figure is unique.

Medals have also changed from the traditional gold, silver, and bronze, to full color, some have spinning center pieces, cut-outs, holographic inserts, and more. The neck ribbons are often clip-on style for faster assembly. Backs of medals often have a framed area to insert a plate or mylar with the engraving information. Using a separate piece of material for the engraving shortens the assembly time, because the inserts can be engraved so much faster. The engraving, usually on a mylar material, is much more vivid and therefore easier to read than when it is engraved right into the medal.

Some custom medals are now available in record time. Using a stock medal with a custom insert , you can receive personalized medals in 3 to 8 days, plus shipping time.  I should caution that this 3 to 8 days is after the artwork has been approved, so it is best to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time before the day of the event.

Custom pins, like custom medals, can also be created in a short time period. Again, using stock pin hardware and inserting the custom artwork, you can have the finished product in about 2 weeks, as discussed above.

More acrylic awards are being used for Sports presentations, but we also see many traditional items, including trophy cups and perpetual plaques.

These are just a few changes we have seen in Sports Awards. They will continue to change, just as the Corporate Awards have, with new technology and customer demands for the new and different.

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