Recycling & Reusing

Recycling & Reusing

Recycling for the Good of the Environment

Recycling has become routine for us at The Eugene/Springfield area, located in western Oregon, has always been environmentally conscious and the area has convenient recycling centers for our three biggest “waste” products. These products include cardboard, plastic bags, and newspapers, which come as packaging from our suppliers. Other materials we recycle or reuse are packing peanuts, metal and plastic scraps, old catalogues, office paper, and glass and acrylic pieces. Over time, we have gotten more efficient at recycling and reusing items, and our suppliers have improved the packaging so there is less waste.

The 3 biggest waste products are fairly easy to reuse or recycle. Newspapers are reused in shipping orders out to customers, the excess goes to the local Eugene Mission who has drop boxes all over the Eugene/Springfield area. Many of the cardboard boxes that our products come in, can be used to hold customers orders. Excess boxes are broken down and taken to one of two convenient recycling centers we have nearby. They are also companies like Rexius Forest Products who sets a wonderful example for businesses to recycle and protect the environment. They have drop boxes in numerous locations for a variety of recyclables. Most of our plaques and trophy parts come in plastic bags. Some we reuse for customer products and some go to the same recycling centers mentioned above.

Other waste products are in smaller quantities so we don’t have to deal with them on a weekly basis. These include packing peanuts, which are either reused in shipping or donated to a local office supply place that gladly takes them. Metal and plastic scraps are mostly reusable, since we make a lot of small plates and labels. Office paper is accumulated in a 90 gallon plastic container and picked up when we have it full. Occasionally we have glass pieces that are damaged and those are recycled through the city pick up service.

Another aspect of recycling has just begun in the awards industry. In very recent times, our suppliers are coming up with “Green” products. For example one supplier offers bamboo plaques. Bamboo is a “certified renewable resource,” so it is “the perfect award for environmentally conscious organizations.” Another supplier is offering plaques that are recycled wood from various sources.

Yet another aspect of recycling is from the customer’s point of view. For example, the accumulation of bowling trophies or your children’s trophies over the years. The good thing is that many people keep their awards for years, maybe even a lifetime. But what do you do with old trophies, plaques, and medals when you no longer want them? Some donation centers like Goodwill will take them. Occasionally you will find an awards shop that recycles them. Some of these old awards can be used for humorous awards by putting a new engraved plate on them and perhaps a new figure. Old plaques can be reused by replacing the old plate with a new plate.

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