Corporate Nameplates

Corporate Nameplates

By far the most popular corporate Name Plate is the 2”x 8” plastic slide-in plate that fits in a gold Desk Nameplate Holder. The reason for the popularity of this style is that it is versatile, inexpensive, and comes in a variety of colors. The slide-in nameplate can be easily removed and replaced with a new one if the person, title, or person’s name changes in any way.

The next most popular Name Plates are the 2” x 10” size like the ones above in a Desk Name Plate Holder. They also come with a wall nameplate holder. All holders are sold separately.

We also offer a variety of nameplate wedges in 8” and 10” sizes and several color choices.  See the Acrylic Desk Name Plate with a stars and stripes theme.  We also have a Acrylic Desk Name Plate in black acrylic in a 10″ size. The Desk Bar Name Plate comes in rosewood piano finish with a choice of black or blue marble plate.  Custom Business Name Plates come in a rich black piano finish and are 8” long. The Corporate Name Plates are the same style, but 10” long.  The Desk Name Plate Rosewood is 8″ and the Custom Nameplate is a 10″ rosewood style. We also have desk wedges with business card holders. You may choose the Desk Nameplate with Card Holder or the Nameplate Wedge with Card Holder. Many of the wedges have a choice of a black, or blue marble brass nameplates with one or two lines of engraving included in the price.

We will continue to add more products to the Corporate Nameplate group, so that we can accommodate your needs in corporate recognition.

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