New Basketball Awards

New Basketball Awards

Basketball season is here and we want to get you ready to award your team for their great season! We have the perfect trophies for the little ones, your high school team, and even the intramural team.


 The Victory Basketball Trophy Male and Female has a large “V” for victory in the background with a male or female player dribbling the basketball. The gold stars and a gold outline of the “V” enhance the trophy, as does the full color basketball. 

 The Gold Star Resin Basketball Trophy has distinct black markings arching back while displaying the basketball prominently on one side.

 The Basketball Trophy with Banner & Basketball Trophy with Banner on Column features a full color basketball on a golden banner that has a pattern of lines and stars. The banner cups around the ball to enhance it even more. 

 Check out the Banner Basketball Trophy.  This trophy is strikingly different with the star studded silver banner featuring the basketball near the top.

  A great and affordable award is the Basketball Diamond Trophy.This trophy comes with the option of using column.


 Check out the DuraResin Basketball Trophy. This trophy features great character and texture and is also built strong.


Another great option is the Midnite Star Basketball Trophy and the Midnite Star Basketball Trophy w/column.These trophies feature a nice classic look and is an affordable option.


 Another great choice is the Sports Star Basketball Trophies-M and the Sports Star Basketball Trophies-F. These come with the option of a figure on a base or with column.


 A very eye catching option is the “Ignite” Boys Basketball Trophy and the “Ignite” Girls Basketball Trophy. The “Ignite” Basketball Trophies are silver resin with flaming gold accents. The basketball player dribbling the ball is outlined by flames, suggesting intensity and speed.

 A great option for the younger ones is the Littlepals Basketball Trophy.This trophy is perfect for any young team. These are just our new trophies and we have a lot more online in our catalog.

 We also have the new Ten Star Basketball Medals. These basketball medals feature a basketball, net, and shoe in the center, enhanced by a border of stars that almost seem to rotate.

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