Clocks and Desk Items

Clocks and Desk Items

We at have many clocks and desk items to choose from. We have glass clocks, acrylic clocks, clock plaques, book clocks, pen & pencil holders and more.

The glass and acrylic clocks include: Engraved Crystal Clock Award, Glass Clock Award, Appreciation Award Clocks, Acrylic Clock Awards, Engraved Quartz Clock, Glass Appreciation Clock, and Executive Acrylic Award Clock.

We have 2 unique book clocks: Engraved Book Clocks, and Book Clock Award.

The desk clocks are the most numerous, many have rosewood or mahogany accents. Desk clocks include: Engraved Gift Clocks, Recognition Clock Award, Personalized Desk Clocks, Engraved Corporate Clock, Engraved Retirement Clock, Engraved Executive Gift Clock, Engraved Quartz Clocks, Corporate Recognition Clock, Award Clocks with Free Engraving, Personalized Mantel Clock, Engraved Desk Clock, Customized Desk Clock, Mantel Desk Clock, Desk Clock with Free Engraving, Arched Clock Award, and Promotional Clock.

Deck items include: Award Clock with Pen, Personalized Desk Clocks with Pens, Note Pad Holder, Business Card Holder, and Pen & Pencil Holder.

Clock Plaques include: Traditional Clock Plaque Award, Clock Wedge Award, Executive Clock Plaque, and Standing Clock Plaque.

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